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Pixel Expression

A Community for Icon Lovers and Makers

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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Pixel Expression!

This community was created to allow members to post their pixel creations in the form of icons and userpics. It's a general icon community, so practically anything will go. If you see icons as a 100x100 blank canvas on which to express yourself, then welcome aboard!

01. You must be a member to post icons.
02. All icons must meet LiveJournal standards. That means they are not to exceed 100x100 pixels and 40Kb.
03. Please remember to lj-cut posts containing more than 3 icons. Information on how to create lj-cuts can be found here.
04. If you are going to link to another journal (such as an icon journal), rather than use an lj-cut, please say so. A simple "To my icon journal!" or some such will do. :)
05. Please respect the icon creators' wishes. If they ask you to credit when you use their icons, then by all means, credit if you use them. Even if they don't ask you to, it's just common courtesy to give credit where credit is due. ;)
06. Flaming and bashing will not be tolerated. If you must criticize an icon, be constructive about it. People worked hard on their icons!
07. Become involved! Even if you are just a member to mooch see the icons, leave comments! You can make an artist's day just by saying something as simple as, "Hey! I really liked your icon!"
08. In the hopes of getting this community to be more active, I'm going to try initiating a bi-weekly challenge. You don't have to participate, but it'd be nice! Regular icon posts are still welcomed. :)
09. Please make use of tags and subject lines! They make it easier to sort through previous entries. :)
10. Have Fun!

Express Yourself Challenge
Every two weeks, a new theme or style will be posted. Members who wish to participate in the challenge will then create as many icons as they'd like that express or reflect what the theme means to them. Participants are then invited to share the icons they've made with the rest of the members!

The point of these challenges will be to get our members more actively involved in making icons and sharing them. This also gives us a chance to see the different effects, styles and ideas people use to create their icons. We may see something that we really liked and that we'd like to know how to do, or we may notice something about an icon the creator didn't, that might make a difference in the icon's presentation.

For challenge related posts, please list the challenge in the subject line and note the theme in the tags. That way people looking back can find them more easily. ^_^

Current Challenge: NaNoWriMo (ends Oct. 20th)

I just want this to be a comfortable environment where members can share their expressions of creativity as icons. If this doesn't work out, it doesn't work out...but it is worth a try!